Our service sets ALPHA Restaurant Equipment & Supplies apart from other online sales vendors. We don’t just place the order, we help you design your project, choose what to order, and ensure your equipment continues to meet your needs over time. Our personalized service is just a phone call or an on-site visit away.

Design Team

Not sure what you should purchase or what your options are? Consult with one of our on-site designers. These industry experts on furniture, bar, and cooking equipment layouts will help you figure out what to order to best suit your needs and budget. And when your project’s equipment is ordered through ALPHA, all design fees are credited toward the cost of your order.

Bid Fulfillment

ALPHA fulfills bid work including projects for schools, hospitals, and other commercial projects.

Our experienced staff has teamed up with general contractors, construction companies, owners, and corporate executives, directors and managers to deliver high-quality food service equipment and supplies for a variety of contracts.

Looking to partner with a food service equipment expert? Call us at 800.479.6608.

Franchise Partners

Whether you are a national or local franchise, Alpha Restaurant Equipment and Supplies offers a unique service, aimed towards franchises. Work with us to create the perfect kitchen and restaurant equipment lineup to fit your franchises budget. Whether in state or out, work with our franchise salesperson, and our professional CAD design team to create a restaurant package to fit your budget! To learn more, please email our franchise salesman.

ALPHA Refurbishing

We refurbish just about any type of food service equipment.

The ALPHA process includes:

  • Cleaning
  • Stripping
  • Painting
  • Replacing parts
  • Testing
  • 30-day warranty on parts and labor

Visit our staff at 2 Olde Millbury Street, Worcester, Massachusetts 01610, or request more information online to discuss your refurbishing needs.

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